Chiropractic Care in Bend, Oregon

<h2>Get back to being your <span class="text-style-hero-heading">best self</span></h2>

We don’t just treat symptoms; we treat the root cause of your physical ailments and provide you the tools needed to take care of yourself in the long-term.

Chiropractic Therapy
Circle Bg

<h3><span class="text-style-hero-circle">Comprehensive</span> services and treatments</h3>

  • Spinal Injuries and Conditions
  • Upper Extremity Injuries and Conditions
  • Lower Extremity Injuries and Conditions
  • General Injuries and Conditions

Chiropractic Therapy
"Got me in same day as a new patient and fixed my back."

Anne Bahn

"Matt always makes sure that you are feeling great after every adjustment!!"

Richard Nunez

“I've been to many chiros... And by far the best one ever is Matt Tompkins at Tompkins Chiropractic.”

Nikki Collen

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