Auto Accident in Bend Oregon

Auto Accident in Bend Oregon

Being involved in an auto accident in Bend Oregon can often cause significant pain and disability.  However, finding appropriate care as well as understanding your rights and responsibilities can also be difficult and confusing, especially when you are in pain.

What to do when you are in an Auto Accident in Bend Oregon”?


Stop at Immediately – If you are in a auto accident in Bend Oregon. Stop at the accident scene or as close as possible without needlessly blocking or endangering other traffic.  “Hit and run” is a serious traffic crime.  Conviction will mean your driving privileges will be revoked or suspended or jail time.

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Provide Assistance – If someone involved in the auto accident in Bend Oregon is injured.  Remember, injured people should never be moved carelessly, and if you are at all unsure wait for emergency personel to arrive.  In many cases, they should not be moved at all until an ambulance or someone trained in first aid is at the scene.  If a driver is involved in an accident in which a person is killed or rendered unconscious, the driver is required to remain at the scene of the accident until a police officer arrives.  Failure to do so is classified and punishable as a “hit and run.”

Exchange Insurance Information – her is a printable checklist for your car.  Give to the other driver, passengers in the vehicle, or any injured pedestrian.

Your Name & Address

Driver license number

License plate number of your vehice

Your insurance information


Finding an experienced doctor who can properly evaluate and treat, as well as provide the required documentation of an auto accident in Bend Oregon.  Being evaluated and treated as soon as possible will help provide appropriate care for common injuries related to auto injuries such as whiplash or sprained/strained joints and or muscles. Early treatment will help you recover from your injuries so you can get back to your pre-accident day to day activities as quickly as possible.  Proper documentation is also important to receive the needed care and provide information in case you require an attorney.


1)    Do have auto insurance coverage?  Auto insurance covers medical treatment for injuries related to a car accident in Bend Oregon, everyone has this it is “Oregon Law” to have this even with minimal liability insurance.

2)    It is your right!  Every individual has the right to seek what you deem as appropriate medical care.  An auto insurer cannot direct you to a certain medical care provider unless you’ve signed for a preferred provider organization discount. So you can choose any Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist and Accupuncturist you want to administer your care, you can even have the right to see all of specialties if you injuries warrent them.

3)    Proper Evaluation, Treatment, and Documentation   Seeking early medical care is very important for various reasons noted above. If you choose not to seek medical attention, your insurance or the other drivers insurance company may argue that your injuries arose from something that happened after the accident and in-turn deny a claim and refuse to pay for needed treatment or financial settlement.

4)    11 Facts About Injuries in and Auto Accident in Bend Oregon



Oregon DMV Main Page
Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance
Insurance Requirements in Oregon
Accident & Insurance Report Form
Accident Information Exchanged Checklist


Oregon DMV information (Spanish)
Guia basica para seguros de seguros de automoviles en Oregon

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